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We source our inventory of mobile phones directly from carriers and manufacturers to ensure consistent supply

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All devices undergo a stringent testing and grading process, ensuring consistent quality

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Use our website to find the mobile phones you want, and we will ship them out in as little as 24 hours

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We offer a 30-day return policy to ensure you are getting the quality product you expected

Our Inventory

Selling used iPad’s is less risky than other brands because these iPads can hold their value the longest.
Apple is still viewed as the premium brand all over the world. The key to profiting from the iPad’s reliability and consumer demand is having the right supplier.

Dealer’s looking to buy iPad’s in bulk can face many challenges — especially when it comes to finding a reliable iPad supplier.
That’s why iPhone Buyer is committed to taking the guesswork out of buying iPad’s from us.
We make it easy for our customers to find and buy used iPad’s in bulk quickly and easily whenever they need to replenish their inventory.

We Stock the iPad in All Specs and Colors

As a leading Apple iPad Trade Buyer supplier, iPhone Buyer stocks the iPad in a variety of models and colours
that include silver, pink, blue, and yellow. Options are available with 64GB or 256GB of storage.

Unlocked and Locked iPad in Bulk

iPhone Buyer serves the iPad Trade Buyer market by stocking all variants of the modern iPad,
including locked and unlocked devices. Our industry-leading grading means Trade Buyerrs can be confident of each device’s quality and longevity.
There’s no better place to shop for bulk iPads.

Trust iPhone Buyer To Be Your Bulk iPad Supplier

We sell a wide selection of Apple iPad models at competitive prices, in quantities large and small.
Create an account to quickly access iPhone Buyer’s stock list, make offers, manage orders, and review invoices.

Other Apple Devices in Our Online Stock List

To catch the latest inventory updates, sign up for the Daily Stock Report or create your own Stock Alert for the Apple device you’re interested in.
Based on our long-standing relationships with carriers and manufacturers, we have a consistent supply of Trade Buyer Apple devices at top-level grades.
Make iPhone Buyer your first stop for high-quality Trade Buyer Apple gear of every type.

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