How it works

We know selling a device can be tricky. So we've made the whole deal quick, simple and hassle free.

   Quick and easy choose your device agree the value send in your quote

     Once you have agreed the price Except your Quote 

       When your ready take your device to your local store with your quote they will check and verify the quote

      Get paid the same day no hassle no time wasting paid while you wait simple checks no fuss 🙂

We know how time consuming it can be searching for the right type of deal that fits your needs. At iPhone Buyer will help make this process a lot smother and stress free no queuing all done from your desktop ipad or mobile phone

Having a quote Today brings you that little bit closer to upgrading your device or putting the cash in to your pocket.

Our self-service Quote form means you manage your quote online. You can even save your draft quote online and get back to it for later quickly.

You can then once your happy with your (QUOTE) simply arrange selling you device at your convenience contact you local store under the location’s menu.
Just pop around to your local store they will be expecting you, and they will arrange payment for your device. Being online means we’ll send your quote to your local store in your area takes no time at all. All correspondence is sent via email or Telephone or SMS. If you get stuck or have a question just email us and one of our friendly experts will help you. All of this means flexibility and convenience for you.

All Quotes and payments’ are subject to verifying your device at  your local store.

Guarantee how much your device is worth check it out with


IMEI Checker

Selling a used iPhone?  Avoid costly hidden problems!  Never buy or sell a used phone without the Device History Report from Phonecheck.
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